What is OWR about

Obsessed with reality is a term I picked up from the eternal Carl Sagan. I call this blog OWR because I consider learning about reality, if not the noblest, then definitely the most humbling adventure one can partake in.

OWR will be mostly about science, atheism and religion, and a cursory glance at my blog immediately gives away on which “side” I am.

It’s also a personal platform that will allow, as blogs often blissfully do, emotional relief whenever there’s a persisent rumination on my mind. Since I’m pathologically curious, I’m probably going to write a lot about whatever it is I run into that intrigues me, such as ethics, language, and ancient Egyptian rainwear.

Since this is a personal blog by an incognito, it’s also going to contain the occasional post about two fields in my life that are (gasp) not related to atheism, namely, my lifelong interest in martial arts and my deep bond to the deaf culture and sign language.

It is a somewhat naive and perhaps pathetic aspiration of mine that I could use this blog not only for the emotional release that a writing platform allows, but also as a debate and discussion platform, two activities I find incredibly rewarding.

Finally, the reason I’m in the atheist blogroll and why I find myself prowling the blogosphere every day is because even though very few know me, I still consider myself an ally to the “rational cause”. Rationality and persistence to evidence has kept me and my parents on track, even though life’s been a wobbly journey with treacherous paths, and it’s also why I’m so adamant about evidence and reality: when your cup doesn’t overflow, you can’t allow the supernatural. A world that embraces it is a world on its way down, and I won’t let that happen. Not without a fight, anyway.

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