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It’s Evolution, baby?

Okay, first of all, I’d like to say that this is one of the most disturbing music videos (the song’s disturbing on its own) that I’ve ever seen.

Also, there is some inherent proposition in this video: humanity’s going to destroy itself because of the naturally selected psychological trait of greed and the natural consequence of eternal biological competition, leading, further and further, into destruction, and with human ingenuity, will lead to the destruction of the entire earth, or maybe of even more than just the planet earth.

This is a somewhat intuitively easy-to-accept proposition, considering how many wars have been fought ever since human civilization rose, knowing the awesome power humans have for self destruction, and the fact that evil and greed are real-world characteristics that aren’t going away soon.

It’s got me thinking that this is also a slightly pessimistically naive video/song/proposition, owing to the fact that evil and greed are not the only two traits that have been demonstrably selected in biological history. It’s also co-operation, communal benefits, and self-preservation that are key traits that have been positively selected. This is why the cold war ended coldly, and this is also why the world is mostly afraid of what complete nutjobs like the Iranian president might do with nukes and a bit less scared of what hicks like GWB or oligarchs like Putin might do with them, even though these two have WAY more power and a lot more capability for greed. These guys flourish because of co-operation and peaceful measures for self-prosperity.

I’m not saying one way or the other, but this song does. My opinion is, humanity might suffer an ebb and flow of destruction (as it always does), but it will most likely always escape complete extinction because there’s always a human balance between destruction as a means of self-prosperity and peaceful means for the very same.

THAT’S proper Evolution. Umm, baby.