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Prague/CR questionnaire (for Pitzush)

Hi, and welcome to the first OWR blog-post you read. I know, I know, you’ve been too busy doing “fluffy-business” on facebook, it’s a Sunday, Nucice is quite as lazy as we both are.

So, even though you’re sitting next to me, basically, we only have 4 days or so left to our grand trip (24 days long!) to CR (and to be more honest, just to Prague).

In the comment section, I want you to reply according to the paragraphs and maybe we’ll have a little discussion. This questionnaire is in English, but if you’ll enjoy it enough, I promise to translate it to Hebrew.

1.Be frank with me – did you enjoy more lounging in Nucice, or trekking through Prague?

2.I want you to rummage through our photo collection and tell me what do you think is our best “Pitz&Shaik” photo.

3.Ditto, only for “best photo without humans in it” 馃檪 It can be either animals, like the pictures we took at the zoo, or some magnificant architecture.

4.Honesty once more – tell me one thing that you and I did together on this trip that you regret, and how would you rectify it.

5.Tell me one thing during this trip that I did that made you angry or upset with me.

6.Tell me your favourite part in any event/get-together that you and I had with Jara and Limor.

7.What’s the most distinguishing feature in Jara?

8.I know this is a painful question, but I want to ask it anyway: would you have preferred if we went to any other destination other than Prague? Personally, I loved it the way it is, it fits our personalities perfectly – but I know that it would have been quite burdensome to travel too much.

9.What are you going to miss the most from this trip?

10. Do you think we should have taken more pictures?

11.Do you think that living together for 3 weeks changed our relationship in any way? Do you think it’d change the relationship of any couple? If so, how?

12.Does travelling with me lessened or strengthened your trust in me? (Not just in my “navigation skills”)

13.What do you think is the sweetest/most romantic/most fun thing I did to you/with you during our stay here?

14.Are you going to drink beer like Czech people do when we get back?

15.What’s your favourite Czech word? 馃槢

16.Is there anything that I do during my sleep that bothers yours? I know it’s a bit of a dumb question, knowing you can sleep through earthquakes.

17.Do you think any one of us will ever wash dishes again?

18.Does living with a dog for 3 weeks encourage you to get a pet? (Not necessarily a dog)

19.Living with me for 3 weeks has probably made you realize all kinds of habits/quirks in my behavior/personality – which one of these was most obvious to you?

20.Did you find anything about me that you didn’t notice before and made you think differently about me? If you did, what is it?

21.What was the most annoying thing in CR in relation to habitat (too cold? too hot? too many insects? etc.)

22.Do you think that this trip to Prague was more fulfilling than your previous trip to Prague? (Not just because you’re all alone with your boyfriend, but because of the way you managed the trip)

23.I think 23 will do for now, although there may be follow-ups to this post (!) – so here’s the last question: do you think you’d like to go on a trip like this on your own (or with someone else who can navigate? :-P) while leaving me away from you?