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A thing for Islam

In the past couple of days or so, I’ve been pursuing a debate that started rather casually in a blog called “My Islamic weblog”. All the comments are still there and the discussion is likely to ensue.

At first, my question was pertinent to the topic of the post, but knowing a biased little about Muslim approach to infidels and atheists like me, I was, at first, even afraid to post a comment. I was quite rattled when the writer of the blog, a rather warm and polite human being, eased my initial dread.

My first question was about the seemingly bizarre post-topic – dinosaurs in the Kuran and whether or not this actually says anything insightful about the Kuran, even if true. I didn’t bother commenting on this being an example of shoehorning in retrospect, since I deemed it would be rather pointless and besides, I had a bigger axe to grind, and that is: what is it, really, that Muslims, real, individual Muslims and not the pamphlet spewing, tinfoil-hat-garden-variety-war-mongering-fascist type think? By that I mean the kind that goes on TV and threatens to annihilate America and Israel in the name of Islam.

As anyone who follows the discussion can see, Muslims can also be completely impervious to other people’s belief or in my case, disbelief, so long as no one trespasses on their devotion to the Islamic way of life. I’m sure there’s much to talk about, and I’m just bound to run into things I don’t like, but since this is a completely new field, I’m actually quite looking forward to it, if they let me, of course.

At least the first shoe dropped – it is well supported from this debate that Muslims, on the whole, aren’t sitting up at night waiting for me to expire and adding some prayer to hasten the process. I don’t know any statistics, but it appears that at least some of them not only do not desire my death, but are seemingly also interested in co-existence.

I wish there were more people like that in Islamic leadership.